How to Transform the Important into Urgent, and Why You Should Do It ASAP

2 simple and life-changing steps

Paco Cantero
5 min readNov 4, 2020


We all know the Eisenhower Matrix.

Just in case you’ve never heard about it, here you can find a useful site to learn what it is and how you can implement it to manage your time better and improve your productivity.

The problem is what usually happens. Everything works perfectly on paper but, when you try to implement it in your life, it sucks.

Life’s not easy today. We’re all day running, rush is our most common word, our priorities change every minute.

Stress, anxiety, frustration, all kind of negative feelings start emerging from our deepest inner self.

Stop it, my friend, you will soon die if you keep on going that way. Take it easy. Your health is your most critical asset, and life doesn’t depend on an order, a sale, or a payment.

It’s time to reflect, to calm down, to deeply analyze your life, your feelings, where you want to go.

I’ve done and feel all this throughout my life. The typical situation is that we only focus on urgent things, forgetting about the important ones.

Days, months, and years pass, and we haven’t done anything important to us.

We’ve just managed the urgent things, the ones that are important to others, the ones that give us money (or, at least, we think they do, because that’s what reality is usually).

We only look at the short term, and medium-long term issues never get done. They’re abandoned in a “Someday/Maybe Later” list.

Here I will share my vision on this issue because focusing on urgent and forgetting about important goals was my daily routine for many years.

I’ve fought to get out of that rabbit hole, and I made it. It’s been a life-changing process, and I hope this article can help you move one step forward.

The first step is sitting down one weekend, alone, without phones, without an Internet connection, and without watches surrounding you.



Paco Cantero

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