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Paco Cantero
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I decided to become a content creator last September 2020, starting from scratch. You just need to see some figures (Passion economy is now worth over $38bn globally) and reports (The passion economy: the next big growth industry?) …

How I’ve Implemented My Second Brain Using Notion, Evernote, and Obsidian
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Here I am: resting in peace. No, I’m not dead. I’m more alive than ever. I’ve achieved the best moment in my life, talking about the architecture of my productivity system and… you know what? …

15 Top Core Values You Can Implement in Your Company to Create a Dream Team
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I became an entrepreneur in 2002.

I can perfectly remember my obsession to create a different project, talking about human relationships inside the company.

I have to be honest with you: I got burned in large companies (I tried 5).

I was 26, and, at that age, utopian ideas are allowed.

The point is, I succeeded…

A Pragmatic and Real Guide to Easily Get into the Way to Fulfillment from Scratch
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IMPORTANT ADVICE: there aren’t any affiliate marketing links, and I don’t receive anything at all from the companies or people I mention in this article.

2016. This was me:

  • Chronic fatigue. I wake up tired every day.
  • Stomach pain. I had stomach aches every day.
  • Difficulty in concentration.

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As a knowledge worker, I clearly differentiate two different systems in my mind, workflow and life:

1. My Action System.

2. My Thinking System.

My Action System helps me to do things.

My Thinking System helps me to think.

Doing vs. Thinking

Two different worlds. Two different mindsets. Two different tools.

I’m not…

Here’s my approach

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you’re a knowledge worker, I’m pretty sure you’re collapsed by all the new note-taking apps that launch almost every day.

Every piece of software resonates with you. Each one seems to do something great. Something you’re aiming for. …

How To Handle Your Shallow Work to Keep Running Your Deep Work
Photo by Stephen Kraakmo on Unsplash

There are people who you admire, follow, and have a profound impact on your life.

I’m not talking about celebrities, wealthy athletes, or remarkable entrepreneurs we all know. I’m talking about people like you and me, “normal” guys who just excel at some area you’re focused on.

Those are the…

Photo by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash

Yes, you’re human and, as a human being, you believe the hell of others usually looks like heaven for you. That’s how you think. That’s how I think. That’s how we all think.

You look at Cristiano Ronaldo and see money, good life, dedication to something he loves, success, victory…

How You Can Take The Best From Apple’s and Google’s World
Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash

I get hooked on tech in 1984, when I was eight years old, and it’s never changed since then.

Hardware and software have been part of my life because they’ve allowed me to progress, evolve, make me accomplish all the things I’ve achieved in my life. …

19 Reasons Why Gmail Is the Best Email Client
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

I love tech. I love hardware. I love software. I love apps.

I cannot avoid testing any app that comes to my eyes. It’s like a vice. I’m hooked on it since I was a child, and I was born in 1976.

Email is a key element in our lives…

Paco Cantero

+30-year PKM obsessed: Write | Think | Understand | Learn | Knowledge | Grow | Fulfillment | Happiness. Get all that in

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