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Paco Cantero
Photo by Dan DeAlmeida on Unsplash

I decided to become a content creator last September 2020, starting from scratch. You just need to see some figures (Passion economy is now worth over $38bn globally) and reports (The passion economy: the next big growth industry?) to pay attention to this “new” industry we’re facing and want to give it a try.

Knowing it would be difficult to try and conquer several mediums simultaneously, I decided to focus on my best skill and passion: writing. …

How I’ve Implemented My Second Brain Using Notion, Evernote, and Obsidian
Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Here I am: resting in peace. No, I’m not dead. I’m more alive than ever. I’ve achieved the best moment in my life, talking about the architecture of my productivity system and… you know what? It’s affected my whole life in a very positive way, much more than I thought possible.

Our systems affect our lives. The worse they are, the worse our life will be, and vice versa. I didn’t feel good, that’s why I decided to get down to work, making it a priority to optimize my whole productivity system.

I’m living the most revolutionary period in my…

15 Top Core Values You Can Implement in Your Company to Create a Dream Team
Photo by Finnian HaDiep on Unsplash

I became an entrepreneur in 2002.

I can perfectly remember my obsession to create a different project, talking about human relationships inside the company.

I have to be honest with you: I got burned in large companies (I tried 5).

I was 26, and, at that age, utopian ideas are allowed.

The point is, I succeeded, and, today, 20 years later, everything I had in my mind has been implemented.

I was lucky and, just one year and a half after creating my first company, I met my today’s business partner, who thought exactly like me (maybe that’s why we’re still together, after almost 18 years).

A Pragmatic and Real Guide to Easily Get into the Way to Fulfillment from Scratch
Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

IMPORTANT ADVICE: there aren’t any affiliate marketing links, and I don’t receive anything at all from the companies or people I mention in this article.

2016. This was me:

  • Chronic fatigue. I wake up tired every day.
  • Stomach pain. I had stomach aches every day.
  • Difficulty in concentration. I wasn’t able to focus on the tasks I was doing.
  • Running “all day long”. I had the impression of being running from here to there all day long, without stopping, without any break.
  • Not moving forward in projects and goals.

How To Handle Your Shallow Work to Keep Running Your Deep Work
Photo by Stephen Kraakmo on Unsplash

There are people who you admire, follow, and have a profound impact on your life.

I’m not talking about celebrities, wealthy athletes, or remarkable entrepreneurs we all know. I’m talking about people like you and me, “normal” guys who just excel at some area you’re focused on.

Those are the real heroes for me. Those from whom you can learn a lot. Those that can change your life just with a quote, a book, a conversation, or an online course.

Quite a long time ago, I met Cal Newport. I read his bookDeep Focus” and, since then, I get…

Photo by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash

Yes, you’re human and, as a human being, you believe the hell of others usually looks like heaven for you. That’s how you think. That’s how I think. That’s how we all think.

You look at Cristiano Ronaldo and see money, good life, dedication to something he loves, success, victory, power…

You never see the other side of the coin: playing injured, waking up early, going to bed early, training, training, and more training, not knowing who to trust, no privacy, not being able to go out on the street peacefully, mandatory events, pressure from sponsors…

You don’t see all…

How You Can Take The Best From Apple’s and Google’s World
Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash

I get hooked on tech in 1984, when I was eight years old, and it’s never changed since then.

Hardware and software have been part of my life because they’ve allowed me to progress, evolve, make me accomplish all the things I’ve achieved in my life. Yes, believe it or not, it’s true.

I say I “believe” in tech just to joke around a bit, to symbolize how important it’s for me, although I’m far away from fanaticism.

I don’t understand those cohorts of fanatics, defending specific systems and attacking others. For me, it’s nonsense.

Tech is not a religion…

19 Reasons Why Gmail Is the Best Email Client
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

I love tech. I love hardware. I love software. I love apps.

I cannot avoid testing any app that comes to my eyes. It’s like a vice. I’m hooked on it since I was a child, and I was born in 1976.

Email is a key element in our lives. We cannot live without it. Whenever our email system has problems, we have problems.

Email is an item we constantly use on a daily basis, that’s why I’ve spent a lot of time trying to look for the best email client.

I’ve tested quite a few, starting with Outlook decades…

The Exact and Easy Workflow I Follow to Achieve Inbox Zero in Minutes Every Day
Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

Talking in real life equals email on the Internet. Yes, it’s the oldest virtual communication system, and it’s still alive, almost 60 years later. It’s damn good, and no other system has been capable of replacing it.

You can see email as an enemy. A darn inbox that annoys you every day within your life. A continuous interruption system that prevents you from moving towards your goals, distracting you, taking away your time, your energy, making you desperate.

But what if you convert your inbox client into a fantastic productivity tool?

  • Wouldn’t you like to dedicate just a tiny amount…

6 Behaviors That Will Immediately Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The other day I was talking to my parents about some old friends they had.

They were a couple with 7 children. Their mother took after them carefully, letting them live as it were a 5-star hotel. Everything was done. Cleaning, laundry, ironing, exclusive meals for each of the 7 children: breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. No matter the hours.

All the children stayed in their parent’s house for quite a long time. Who doesn’t want to live in a 5-star hotel?

The end of the story’s sad. The couple died utterly abandoned by their children, alone, without any visits or…

Paco Cantero

Goal achiever. +30 years focused on productivity | growth | entrepreneurship | tech — Let’s share knowledge in!

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