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4 Essential Concepts to Master Your Tags in Your PKM
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To master your tags in your PKM, you need to understand and use 4 essential concepts ideally: hierarchy, context, grouping, and mixing.

Let’s dive in!

1. Hierarchy

Hierarchy gives you 2 essential outcomes:

  1. Structure.
  2. Filtering.

Those are two ways to make the best out of a flat PKM system, as it should…

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My PKM has 4 systems: capture, process, action, and thinking.

Notion was the only app for my Action System.

Little by little, I’m moving action processes to Obsidian.

Here’s why.

My Story

I started using Notion as my Action System one year ago.

I came from Omnifocus, and Notion literally killed it.

Learn the Easy Technique I Use to Manage More Than 200 Tasks Every Day
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You’re overwhelmed by all the things you have to do.

Here’s an easy-to-implement technique to overcome your situation.


Deadlines collapse us.

Deadlines are just that: a line of death.

People usually make their planning based on deadlines.

They’re wrong.

Understanding Deadlines

Deadlines are just a field related to a task. Just that.

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We usually associate a PKM system with cold data, rational thinking, and managing info.

I’ll show you it’s not. It goes far beyond.

I name “PKeM” my PKM system.

“e” represents “EMOTIONS”.

A PKeM is a system to manage your emotions based on data.

It’s the perfect combination. You use…

Paco Cantero

+30-year PKM obsessed: Write | Think | Understand | Learn | Knowledge | Grow | Fulfillment | Happiness. Get all that in

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